Cullens Combos - Choice of any 3

Options Available: 3 x Chicken Skewers (Peking Style) 8 x Hot 'n Spicy Wings 1lb Steak Mince 3 x Chicken Burgers4 x Honey Style Pork Ribs 2 x Italian Stuffed Chicken Fillets 3 x Chicken Fillets 1lb Baby Back Ribs 1lb Garlic Baby Potatoes 2 x Chicken Kievs 4 x Chinese Style Pork Ribs 2 x Chicken Cordon Blue 4 x Jumbo Sausages 4 x Steak Burgers 3 x Chicken Skewers (Tandoori Style) 4 x Gourmet Burgers (with Onion, Parsley) 


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