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Retailers - to start selling online through you simply need to:

  1. Tell us your shop name, address, telephone number/mobile, email, Fax. 
  2. Your shop name might be a trading name only so we will need company or business name and the name/s of the person/s who own the business - plus business address if this is different from above.  
  3. Provide us with a small usable image that represents your shop so that we can brand your online shop appropriately – we can discuss format, resolution & size of image in due course. 
  4. Tell us the hours you wish to have your online shop open for business each day – remember that when you commit to same day delivery or “click and collect” for customers you will also need to allow yourself time to honour those commitments that day.
  5. Tell us what products you want to sell online and their sales prices – preferably we would like to receive a soft copy product file that we can upload to your account within Letsshop.
  6. Tell us the shop category/ies you wish to appear under – we currently have 11 shop categories included on the website. However, we have the facility to add more outlet categories as the need arises. We will only include you in the categories we deem appropriate for your business.
  7. Provide bank details - Online payments for sales are secure and we currently use Worldpay and Paypal. if you come on board, we will need to obtain your bank details so that we can transfer sales proceeds to your bank account.
  8. There may be some other bits and bobs that we need to tease out with you depending on your specific requirements but that’s for later

Obviously there is a charge for this service but we will discuss this with you if you are serious about coming on board.



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